Monday, June 23, 2008

Morgan Just takes Jersey, UST contest #3

Victoria Skimboards is on a rampage with three first place finishes in a row. Bill Bryan in Cabo and Delaware and then Morgan Just in New Jersey. Congratulations go out to each and every Victoria Skimboards rider out there making this year one to remember.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Victoria Skimboards Company day at the Beach

Friday, June 6th marked a beach day for the employees of Victoria Skimboards. Aliso Beach was the destination and no one was safe. From the Shipping Department to the Sales Department, waves were had by all. What can we say - we work hard and play hard. We hope you enjoyed the sunny day as much as we did!

Victoria Skimboards

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

South Side Shootout '08

Hey, this is jack Saunders and i just gotta say the contest this year was so good. Waves were hollow, right on shore and thick and heavy. It was good to see everyone from out west come to an eastcoast contest for once. Haven't seen that many west coasters at an eastcoast event in like 5 years. As for myself, I got through to the final with brickle. Thats when of course high tide hit since we were the final heat for the day. He finished 4th i placed 3rd in Mens. Overall great contest. Everyone needs to go next year. Hoping to see everyone at NC.


South Side Shoot Out, DE, UST contest #2

The UST contest #2 of the season was at Dewey Beach, DE, May 31-June 1st.
The conditions on Saturday were decent, a little bit windy but definitely some fun liners.
On Sunday, the conditions were really good: Offshore wind all day long, chest-high waves. It was a really good skimboarding show on the beach: Barrels, Liners, Tricks...

Results of the Pro Division:

1. Bill Bryan
2. Paulo Prietto
3. Jaime Lovett
4. Brandon Sears
5. Morgan Just
6. Brandon Rothe

Here are a couple of pictures of the contest:

South Side Contest

B. Rothe


Beaker in the final

The contest was a real success, once again thanks for the good organization (Skim USA, Skimcity, Alley-oop skim camp, Bethany Surf Shop ...)
Next contest is Long Beach Island Skim Jam, Barnegat Light, NJ