Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding time.

Congratulations to Steve and Celia Lerum married on Saturday March 21 2009!

March 20, 2009 marked the birthday of previous Victoria Skimboards artist (and always friend) Tyler Palmer. For his adrenaline rush he decided to hit the indoor go kart race track at K1 Speed in Irvine and invited some of the crew from Victoria Skimboards. Trigg's scores from the race are listed above and let us tell you, if you have not gone, get out your lead foot and go! Too much fun.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Separated at Birth

Medical science is an amazing thing. Just take a look at Nick Aleandro and professional skateboarder Billy Marks and what it did for them. Connected at birth and then separated through the miracles of modern science each individual lives a completely separate life on their own. Thank you medical science!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victoria Skimboards owner Tex Haines shined up the old Porsche, put "the Master" Chris Henderson in the passenger's seat, and cruised the streets during the Patriots Day Parade in Laguna Beach, CA. Special thanks go out to Hobie Sports for the continued business and the City of Laguna Beach for putting on a wonderful event.

Beaker's Seal Beach Banquet - Results

Beaker's Seal Beach Banquet was a sucessfull event for everyone involved. Special thanks go out to all of the contestants and the sponsors for your help. To see the results, click here.

Skimboarding Lessons

Victoria Skimboards has some of the best skimboarders in the industry and we are happy to tell you that many of them offer skimboarding lessons. Why not learn from the professionals?

We are in the process of building a library of riders and their central location so you can take your pick. Keep your eyes on the Lessons section of our website for updates and details. Good luck and we will see you on the water's edge.

Click here for a list of instructors in your area

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Victoria Skimboards Slideshow updated

Victoria Skimboards is pleased to announce that the slideshow on our website has been updated. Click the link below and let us know your thoughts.

Victoria Skimboards Slideshow

Boys & Girls Club Ping Pong Tournament

Having been born and bred in Laguna Beach, Victoria Skimboards does it best to support the local community, especially organizations that help our youth. Enter the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach Ping Pong Tournament sponsored by Victoria Skimboards. The Boys & Girls Club does a great job of offering the youth of today a place where they can go and improve their skills as people. Whether it be academic, social, athletic, or more, the Boys & Girls Club is there to help. We recognize that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow and appreciate the effort in place at the Boys & Girls Club. Couple that with having recently finished our first annual Ping Pong Tournament (open only to Victoria Skimboards employees in year one) we thought it fitting to get involved in the tournament.

Click here for a link to the Boys & Girls Club Tournament flyer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cabo Clasico 2009 - the UST begins

The first contest of the United Skim Tour begins in May 2009. At this time the exact two days are not set in stone but the proposed range is May 15 - 17, 2009. The contest will be held at Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

For more information click here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Melaque contest is finished

Congratulations to X3M and all of the competitors/sponsors for making this years contest in Melaque Mexico one of the best ever. With good conditions there was a heavy battle for the top spots. After tons of sun, heated competition, and overall comradery Victoria riders Morgan Just and Tule placed a respective 2nd and 3rd. Again our congratulations to all people involved.

Click here for pictures and videos from the X3M website.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jasmine's update of the HASL

Words by Jasmine Joy (she will soon have her own voice on this blog).............

HASL celebrated its 1st official contest for the 2009 series last Saturday, February 21st on the island of O'ahu, HI. Victoria Skimboards was stoked to be the headlining sponsor for such an event. Earlier in the week there were a couple days of big swells that tried to destroy the sandbar at Sandys but the heavy north winds fought for the local skimmers and held it up quite well. The HI league felt honored to initiate Jake Stinnett into the circuit who happened to be on vacation. The wave of the day in his final heat was like 3 lips thick! How could he not take the 1st place trophy back home to Laguna, CA? Contest #2 will be held at Yokes on the West side of O'ahu in April. Stay hooked on this blog for future details or visit

Say hello to Jasmine Joy.

D.O.B. - 10/25/82

Hometown - O'ahu, HI

Years skimming - 8

What board do you ride?
- Poly Carbon Small

Tell something about yourself that we didn't know . . .
- Trilingual
- Slam Poet

Jasmine is a fantastic person and great rider representing Victoria Skimboards (along with in Hawaii. Watch out for Jasmine.