Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victoria Skimboards part of the Red Bull Skim Tour 2010 - Malaysia

Victoria was proud to be a part of the Red Bull Skim Tour 2010, Malaysia's first skimboarding circuit this September 2010.  Jet (the glue behind the tour) worked tirelessly and we want to extend our thanks to him for putting on such a great event.  Jet was able to get the support of the government as the event was organized by Penang Skimboarding Association (PSA)/ Persatuan Skimboarding Pulau Pinang (PSPP).  Collaborating with the Penang State Government and Penang Sports Council will only help build the future of the sport.

There are five legs to the tour which started in Malacca (June), Penang (Sept), Sabah (Oct), Pahang (Nov) and ends in December in Johor (Dec).  It is so exciting to see the sport grow and Victoria is behind it 100%.  Congratulations to all participants in the event and we wish you all the best on the remainder of the tour.  

Below is a write up on the event in the Penang news.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another good day

We have had our share of cloudy morning this summer but finally we are getting our reward.  Fun little swell, sheet glass, no on else on the beach, sounds like a perfect time to go to work.  Fortunately for us skimming is work and we headed to Thalia for some fun.

Trigg cracking one open.

Muchu ducking in.

Kyle back from his surf trip.

Muchu on the Woody.

You can still get covered up on Wood boards.

And you can still air drop on wood boards.

Muchu showing proper wave positioning.

Muchu backside swirl.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog 9-22-10 Beaker takes Santa Cruz!

Bill Bryan is our Kelly Slater.  And Kelly is currently being called the best athlete on the planet.  Go Bill!    Major congrats to Bill “The Beaker” Bryan, he has unbelievable stamina, wave knowledge, and competition savvy.  We have had a long and productive relationship with Mr. Bryan and we wish him many years of success in the future.  
And, another team Vic rider, Teddy Vlasis, pulled into second place in the pros. That is a huge move up in the standings for Teddy.  He has been steadily improving this last couple of years and that bodes well for his future. It does take time for talent to be recognized.  Competition is becoming significantly more gnarly.  It takes so much more than just wave riding skill,  it takes a lot of intelligence, and heart,  and coolness under fire.
It begs the question, why would you ride anything else? 

Santa Cruz Skimbash 2010

The weekend of September 18th - 19th brought waves to the southland and to Santa Cruz.  It was a good thing as the Santa Cruz Skimbash was held at 26th Street in Santa Cruz on those days and the waves "were a pumping."

After a grueling weekend of riding from all parties, the final results from the professionals were:

1) Bill Bryan
2) Teddy Vlasis
3) Tim Fulton
4) Sammy Stinnett
5) Jaime Lovett
6) Jake Stinnett

Congratulations to Vic team riders for a successful event on the Professional and Amateur side.

Bill Bryan doing what he does best - win!

Teddy Vlasis driving down the line.

Trevor Stanaland floating for the homies.

Derek Marolf relaxing and taking in the sights.

Patent Koty spray!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spotlight on Antonio Martin

Spotlight on Antonio Martin on the right.   He does all the jobs,  and manages all the guys doing all the jobs.  He can run a computer cutting machine,  and shape,  vacuum bag,  glass Woody’s, mix any kind of resins,  run a press, and lay a new patio for you or build a wall.  And you can add to that another 99 specialty jobs he as mastered.  He is the manager for our plant in San Clemente and without him we would all be working elsewhere.   He has given one digit of his left index finger,  for the company,  because of a nasty skill saw accident.  Not to mention the ulcers he has suffered from being the center of employee disputes over the years.  “Hard working” barely describes this guy.  He will bear hug a drum of resin at 500 lbs and move it around the floor like a dancer.   He is constantly guilty of trying to too much at once,  leading by example,  constantly showing the others how to get it done by not wasting any time.  Longevity is one key to Victoria Skimboards’ success and our relationship with Antonio is one of the many benefits that our customers probably don’t appreciate.  Your valuable dollars are not wasted on a Vic skimboard when you have someone like Antonio working for you.  Thank you Antonio, from all of us.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spotlight on Rodolfo Lagunas.   This is the man. These are the hands. 
Rodolfo is our chief glasser at Victoria and has been so for 14 years straight.   He can feel the resin content of a board in his hands and pull exactly the right amount out to make the strongest possible board, with the minimum amount of resin.  The perfect blend of strength and weight.   This is the artists touch, literally.  If this was Japan,  he would be a national treasure,  sponsored and supported by the nation,  and highly valued by his customers.  He is one big reason Victoria has maintained it’s reputation as the maker of the best boards on the planet.  Like the finest of culinary chefs,  he can handle multiple different resin systems,  a dozen different pigment effects,  and balance these against 20 degree fluxuations in temperature that can drastically effect the curing rates.  We here at Victoria salute you Rodolfo.  Thank you so much for all the pleasure you have brought all our customers all these long years. Tex and the Vic Crew

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy days in Laguna Beach

Vic employees Justin and Kyle take a moment off to eat and relax after a busy week of Shipping.  I hope you enjoyed that company sponsored meal gentlemen, now get back to work!

Rippers starting early

Check out this little rocker in his Victoria t-shirt blasting the drums.  It is so good to see this type of enjoyment at an early age.  Go on little man!