Friday, August 28, 2009

Lunch time.

Had a few minutes to burn before the In N Out arrived so I was able to get a few pics shot down at Aliso. We have been on a run of steady South's for a while now and the beach has paid the price. Not the best set up any more but still good for the ocasional wave. If you head down watch out for some new exposed rocks, concrete slabs and rebar!

Muchu at work.

Teddy checking out some of the new features on the beach.

Aliso Beach web camera on

Victoria Skimboards is pleased to announce that the free Aliso Beach web camera sponsored by EarthCam is now available on

For a link to the official press release, click here.

To be taken to the site, click here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victoria Skimboards WCS 2010 - dates set

The Victoria Skimboards WCS 2010 dates have been set.

June 19 - 20, 2010

Mark your calendars, book your trip, and we will see you at Aliso!

Monday, August 24, 2009

10th Street sessions

Over the last weekend the beginnings of some swell broke through in Laguna Beach. Locals ran to 10th Street in hopes of picking up the side wash and were greated with some nicely formed waves.

Kyle Wiley at 10th St.

Victoria Skimboards team rider Matthieu Thibaud injured his foot on Friday but still pulled his weight by taking some pictures and helping with Video footage.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chris Splendore gives back

Victoria Skimboards team rider Chris Splendore teamed up with Zack Hoag to give skimboarding instruction at the Children's Home of Tampa.

Click here for pictures.

Thanks Chris for helping to give back to those around you. We appreciate it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Howell takes Dewey

Jon Howell laid it all on the beach and put together an impressive performance to win 1st place at Dewey Beach over the last weekend. Congratulations to Jon!

Also to be noted, Siobhan McAuliffe took 1st place in the Women's division.

More results as they become available to us. Congratulations Victoria Skimboards riders on a great performance!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Online Store SALE!!!

Victoria Skimboards is having a SALE in our online store from August 15, 2009 through September 15, 2009. Use the code below and save 10% but hurry as supplies may be limited.

Redemption Code: VS-51892

Click here for the Online Store

Skim lessons

Kile from Mississippi sent some pictures of the skim lesson he had when he visited here a couple of weeks ago.

He got a pretty good sunburn (even if I told him about the sunblock thing), but he had a lot of fun. He got some waves at Thalia and then came down to Aliso.

He was super stoked, me too and we look forward to seeing him around again,

Click here for more information about Skim lessons

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mega Wins! Morgan second.

The contest must go on said the contestants. Hard onshore winds and large offshore waves were dealt with by the contestants and it was pretty tough. Mega managed to get some frontside AND backside wraps, into the wind, to beat Morgan and take the title. Hugo Santos was out with a hurt foot from Saturday so the door was open for Mega to realize his dream of many, many years. Morgan said before the victory was announced that he didn't mind if Mega won, he was that good a skimmer and a great guy. With European football style chanting, the crowd was celebrating for every favourite and many of the cheers were for Herve LeDoux, the organizer of the event. He really knocks himself out for three days, hosts parties every night, has a huge sound system and a big crowd. Cree and little Noami, forgive my spelling, handed out the prizes. Very heartwarming to see the crowd appreciation for all the family's efforts. Morgan is now the leader on the European tour by a good margin and is planning to go on to England to try and get the title. Last night he got rained on in his tent, yes I said tent, and got pretty wet and cold. That's dedication. He said he was just now getting over the jet lag after 12 days in Europe. Sorry I don't have the names of the other finishers but rest assured, the Europeans are damn good. Morgan said he was really feeling the pressure in Portugal where he took second. Sergio and Eric of gorgonitasskim, find the blog on google, urged me to invite any and all to the 2010 in Barcelona. By the way, the contest in Portugal was a major ocean festival with a 1000 contestants in all the ocean sports. Morgan reported that billboards featuring Jaime, the winner of last years event, were all over town. That's not little old posters, but really big billboards. Reminds me of sailboarding, which started in the U.S., but really took off in Europe in a much bigger way. It is absolutely amazing to see how big skimboarding has become. Tex

Sunday in France

Bon Jour mon amies,
Today the contest is over early. Rain and strong winds last night blew out the waves, actually made them too big. So, since many of the people can't stay till the afternoon high tide, they are going home.
High tide is at 7:30 pm and is 13 feet. Yes, that's right, 13'. Morning high tide was at 7 am and was also in the 12' range. Last night at the party we had a great plate of rice and meat sauce and really slept well. Herve was saying tomorrow would be perfect as the beach was getting steeper very quickly after the flattening it received from Fridays high winds and waves. Conditions change really, really fast is what I have learned from all this. I hope I will be able to skim......

dit dit dit ......this just in from Cree, after speaking to Herve, the skimming will go on. As I just said, conditions do change fast. Now it seems Herve will return the rented equipment so he doesn't have to pay for an extra day and then come home. Skimboarding will be better around 3 pm and maybe I will get a chance to ride a little bit. I need to blow off some accumulated energy after traveling and only walking around seeing sights. Yesterday there was a traditions festival here in the little town where Herve and Cree live. Lots of Basque festivities, crafts, dancing. During the evening there was bull fighting in the local ring. Not the kind with capes and pokers, but totally different. The bull is encouraged to dash across the ring at a person standing still in the middle. As the bull approaches the person leaps over the bulls horns in a front flip and lands after the bull has passed. Variations include tying one's knees together and/or doing this blindfolded. Makes skimming look easy. I have read about the people of ancient Crete doing this, naked, but had no idea it was still practiced today.
I wonder if Morgan Just has tried this.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Morgan Just tows in on Friday.

Saturday, once again Carly and I did the tourist thing while the skim contest took place at Hossegor. I heard the waves were much better. Herve LeDoux is down there from 7 am to 7 pm running the event. That is one heck of a lot of work, and I should know. I heard that Morgan Just entertained the skimmers on Friday by using Herve's homemade grinch to tow out to 2 meter faces. Good stuff! Bernardo and his partner in Bartardubreak will post up some shots of that. Go Morgan! He has been working hard on using the bungie cord for launches and pushing the sport forward with his willingness to experiment. A bit rainy today, expected to be clearer tomorrow. Today Carly and I visited Spain (San Sebastian) and St. Jean de Luz in France, a spectacular harbor that reduces a 3 meter swell outside to a 1 meter wave on the inner beaches. Castles and chateaus everwhere. Herve and Cree have displayed unbelievable hospitality to us and we are so grateful for the place to stay on our last minute trip to France. Kids grow up quickly and there is a very small window of opportunity to get in an educational trip with them before they no longer want to do these family activities. And as my mom always says, there is never a good time to travel, you just have to go. Couldn't be more true in our current economic crisis.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday too big!

Friday's log. Too big for skimming, contest will run Saturday. Lots of skimmers hanging around waiting for the afternoon to change, but still too big. Carly and I visited the Cathedral at Bayonne and felt closer to God. How anyone can build something so tall with stone is beyond belief. I guess that is what it is all about. Drove, if that is the correct term for wandering all over, to Biarritz. One of the most spectacular coastlines I have ever seen. Castles, churches and massive hotels build right to the oceans rocky edge. A harbor, more like a fort against the sea, holds fewer than 50 small boats for the local fisherman. The harbor walls are 40' tall. Wandered, and I mean wandered, back up to Herve's to rest up for the party tonight. Matthieu's brother Nicolas will play the music, should be fun. Tomorrow we will try to visit St. Jean de Luz and maybe San Sebastian in Spain to taste the local food and see the harbor.
Tex and Carly Haines, roving students of history and skimming.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Herve LeDoud house

Well, here we are, Carly and Tex Haines, staying at the home of Herve and Cree in France. The waves today are huge! Some rain, a little wind, and swell dropping over the next few days. I am with Bernardo of Bartardubreak and he lives in downtown Paris and we hope to visit him when we return to Paris on Monday. Pascal is here, the famous French tagger who created a couple of our best shirts for Victoria many years ago. The skimmer with the peace sign in his hand making the word Victoria as he skims. Around 2001 or 2002. And my other favorite the rectangle with a small red dot and a nike swoosh representing a wave. Inscrutable art. Classics!..... Tomorrow the contest at Hossegor will start. Probably waves too big, so Herve will run the contestants on Saturday in two time periods. The tides change so much that the window is small, so it will be good two times Saturday. Carly and I will probably drive Herve's car around and see the sights. Bayonne, Biarritz, and St. Jean de Luz. Tourists, what a pain!. Aren't we lucky? More later.......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Testing the Flowrider

Victoria Skimboards team rider and employee Matthieu Thibaud got in the car with General Manager Trigg Garner yesterday and headed on down to the Wavehouse in San Diego. The goal of the trip was market/production research but "when in Rome" as the saying goes.......

Matthieu Thibaud talking to Brandon of the Wavehouse about the design of the boards for the Flowrider.

Matthieu on his first run of the day. When you are starting on the Flowrider, you use the rope to get your bearings. Matthieu ditched the rope after his second run and started hammering out shuv-its.

Trigg getting a little beginning help from Wavehouse employee Brandon.

Of course, when your skill level improves on the Flowrider you move up to the Barrelrider. Victoria Skimboards team rider Bill Bryan featured above getting "slotted" in the barrel.
Special thanks to Robert and the staff at the Wavehouse for being so accomidating and letting us play around a little bit. For more information on the Wavehouse, click here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Victoria Skimboards WCS video on Transworld Surf Website

The Victoria Skimboards WCS video by Spencer Taylor (competed in the contest) has made it to the front page of the Transworld Surf website. To see the video, click here.