Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Bryan takes home the gold

Well folks, a 2nd place finish in Santa Cruz (stop #7 on the 8 stop United Skim Tour) has locked down 1st place in the overall UST rankings.

It has been a hard fought battle for the aging veteran but Bill has showed once again why he is considered skimboarding royalty with gutty performances and consistent year round skimboarding. Congratulations Bill!

Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz contest is complete and the results are in:

1) Paulo Prietto
2) Bill Bryan
3) Brandon Sears
4) Morgan Just
5) Jaime Lovett
6) Stephen Bradford
7) Matthieu Thibaud
8) Harley Nelson

Congratulations go out to Bill Bryan, Morgan Just, and our beloved Frenchman, Matthieu Thibaud for such a great performance. Best wishes go out to Brandon Rothe on a speedy recovery as he injured his heel once again hucking it for the crowd. Here is to a speedy recovery!

Friday, September 19, 2008

UST - the final two events

Bill Bryan is in 1st place on the UST going into this weekend's UST contest in Santa Cruz. Needing a 9th place or better to lock down the title (check the math if you want, we are close) in 2008, Bill's chances look good.

Stand fast people as 3-5 foot waves should crash the shoreline this weekend to make it an epic battle. Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Table Tennis Tournament - complete

The intercontinental battle for Table Tennis (Ping Pong) domination is over. France, represented by Matthieu Thibaud, squared off against the USA, represented by Trigg Garner on Tuesday, September 2 2008. The battle may go down in the Sporting History Books with the likes of the World Cup or the Superbowl.

Matthieu took an early lead by winning game #1 with a combination of right hooks (yes it was that physical and Trigg has the black eye to prove it) and astonishing backhand slams. But the loss did not slow Trigg down as he brought out a forehand slam of his own to take game #2 by a narrow margin.

It all came down to the third and deciding game. Sweat was seen on each competitor’s face as the pour little ping pong ball got slammed time and time again. After all of the forehand crushes, backhand saves, spinning cut shots, and lengthy rallies were over, the USA came out on top to claim the first ever, Victoria Skimboards Table Tennis Singles title.

Next up for the people at Victoria Skimboards? Double Table Tennis! See you there.