Thursday, October 30, 2008

The 2009 Victoria Skimkboards catalog is almost upon us. Are you ready for the new year? We are and coming out with a bang. See you soon.........

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laguna Beach Lifeguards need our help

A direct call from Tex Haines -

Dear Skimboarders,

Tonight is a great opportunity to show your support for the lifeguards. I am asking any and all skimboarders to consider showing up for a half an hour (see message below) to just be there in support of the lifeguard department. The current Lifeguard Headquarters is ridiculously small, located on a sewer pump station and they need more space. One very nearby hotel owner has formed a fake “locals-are-concerned-about-the-view-loss” group to object to the expansion. The amount of view loss is miniscule especially considering the armpit nature of that portion of Main Beach, combining bathrooms, sewer pump station, hotel looming overhead, stairways and Lifeguard Headquarters. So please, we urge you to be there in support of the local Laguna Beach Lifeguards. Please wear your favorite skimboarding hat and a white T and be there. Tell everyone you can and thanks!

Tex Haines (owner Victoria Skimboards)

Additional Information:
Meeting Location: Laguna Beach City Council Chambers (City Hall)
Meeting Date: October 22, 2008
Meeting Time: 6:30pm
Meeting information: A Planning Commission session only but the Lifeguards need our support. If we show our backing of our local lifeguards a change can be made. The commission needs to know we're there (nothing needs to be said as showing up in support of the lifeguards is support enough).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crescent Bay Skim Session Friday afternoon

Some Victoria Skimboards employees went to Crescent bay today, to enjoy sun and nice waves.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Un-Official" UST Results

According to the results we have gathered from the Oktoberfest contest (Unofficial Oktoberfest Results) and then doing our own math using the posted results on the UST site (UST Results), we came up with the following year end UST results:

1) Bill Bryan
2) Paulo Prietto
3) Brandon Rothe
4) Morgan Just
5) Brad Domke

The rest is up in the air as we only had the 1-8 results from the Oktoberfest. Congratulations to the Victoria Skimboards crew for taking 3 of the top 4 spots!

AGAIN, this is our math as of today and not the official results of the UST.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oktoberfest Update

The Oktoberfest contest is almost upon us (this weekend Oct. 11 & 12) and we wanted to give you the quick Victoria Skimboards update:

1) Morgan Just - Hip flexor still bothering him but he will compete
2) Brandon Rothe - Heel injury still plaguing him but he will compete
3) Bill Bryan - Constant back problems but he knows how to work with it and will compete (even though he does not need to)
4) Matthieu Thibaud - Healthy and ready to dominate
5) Koty Lopez - Healthy and ready to end the season on a high note
6) Tyler Stanaland - Healthy and looking forward to showcasing his skills
7) Teddy Vlasis - Healthy and ready to skim

For more information stay tuned to Thanks and good luck to the team this weekend!