Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free shipping for one board to France expires Aug. 3rd

Available now, a space in my board bag for one skimboard, leaving on Tuesday the 4th of August, arriving at the contest at Hossegor on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Must be paid for before I leave. Let us know via and I'll put it in my bag on Monday the 3rd.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hobie store in Laguna Beach #2

Here are some more pictures of the history board set up inside the Hobie store in Laguna Beach.

Thanks again to the Hobie employment staff and management for working with us on this program. Come on down and see the Victoria Skimboards display today!

Hobie store in Laguna Beach #1

Victoria Skimboards is proud to have worked directly with the employees at Hobie in Laguna Beach to create an in store experience rather than just a window design.

With history boards and pictures detailing out the rise of Victoria Skimboards and skimboarding, we appreciate the opportunity presented to us by the Hobie store in Laguna Beach.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tex in the Brooks St. Surf Classic

Owner of Victoria Skimboards, Tex Haines, participated in the Brooks Street Surf Classic over the weekend of July 25th through 26th. Noteworthy of the event was the swell size as at times double overhead waves (pushing 15 foot face) pushed through the lineup. Second reef at Brooks Street was breaking consistently. Props to all of the contestants for braving the heavy weekend surf!

Tex Haines results:
6th place Longboard division
2nd place Grand Masters division

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aliso afternoon

Everyone is waiting on the new swell to arrive, should be a fun weekend if predictions are correct. Grabbed a few pics down at Aliso yesterday afternoon. Wasn't breaking to it potential but when it does riders will be ready.
Of course with summer swells come summer crowds. Beaker escaping.

Matthieu. Bail Bail!

Matthieu and Beaker on a little clean one.

Matthieu slapping the new swell around a bit. Yes he did wrap it and pull in.

Beaker hiding out.

The Grommet has been Reinvented

Always persuing the betterment of our products, Victoria Skimboards has reinvented the Grommet. Part of Project Triangle (click here for more information on Project Triangle), the Grommet is the perfect board for the little shredder weighing in around 70 – 100 pounds. With a size of 44.5 inches in length and 17 inches in width, the Grommet has been molded after the professional model Victoria Skimboards product. Thin, light in weight, strong, and fantastically priced, the Grommet is here for you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

After picking up Wave Riding Vehicles (WRV) as a new account on the North Shore of O'ahu in Haleiwa . . . I gave these 2 groms their 1st skim lesson at Sunset Beach yesterday. Little man is already in training to be a plumber (haha). Check out the old skool woody! =)

MAUI MELE Skim Contest

Check this video out from HASL/ skim contest on July 11, 2009!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Save the Victoria Skimboards WCS petition

The County of Orange regulates all of the county beach activity. Park Rangers and the Permitting Department have a heavy hand in what happens on the County Beaches, Aliso Beach being one of them. In case you did not know, the County might attempt to push the Victoria Skimboards WCS to before or after the summer months basically killing the longest standing contest on the UST and Skimboarding circuit.

Victoria Skimboards has started a petition to "Save the WCS" and ask that you all read it, sign it, and add some constructive/positive comments to it. We will take this petition, a local hard copy that is signed by retailers, and any other support to the County Officials in hopes of keeping the WCS during the end of June or month of July. To read and sign the petition, click here.

Thank you all for the support.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sean Explains

Since the beginning of NJskim, which is how I ended up meeting the crew there, the riders in NJ have made their mark on the skim scene. Always stoked to ride no matter the conditions, everyone from NJ has been working hard to keep skimming fresh on the East Coast. With the state constantly churning out new spots, great riders and a lots of stoke I thought it would be good to ask one of our team guys a little bit about his new shred sticks. Sean just put in an order for a new board and has been convincing friends to try his out for a while now so I hit him up to see if he could explain his taste in skims. For those of you that don’t know Sean, if you see him at the beach say hello he is a friendly fellow.

What made you choose the squash tail for boards?
Mike Geldart, an O.G. from jersey let me try one out and I loved it.

How long have you been riding this shape?
I’ve been riding a squash off and on for the past 4 years.

What benefits do you see over a standard tail?
There’s a few things. A squash is a wider board because it’s a bigger shape with a few inches off of the tail, therefore you have extra float and still fit in the pocket. You can throw the tail out real hard and stall harder because your foot can get closer to the tail than a pin tail.
-To clarify he gets the width of a ML with the length of a MS.

What disadvantage do you see over a standard tail?
Jah does not live on a standard tail.

What’s your favorite wave to ride it in?
Big barrelly shore break, wraps and liners.
-Sean lives next to some of the best liners ever so he knows what he is talking about.

The normal rider these days seems to like ¾” with carbon, why do you ride 5/8” with s-glass?
The only boards I have ever snapped in half were carbon. Carbon is too stiff for the way that I skim, s-glass gives me that flex. A thicker board feels like a boat to me, I just ride a wider 5/8”.

Why do you like to have a quiver of boards to choose from? (Sean keeps a few diffent board styles and sizes on hand)
Different sized boards for different styled and sized waves. Bigger board for far out mushy liners and a smaller one for big wraps on the beach.

Article in the Laguna Beach Independent

Earlier this week we had the plesure of meeting Ted Reckas, writer for the Laguna Beach Independent. The meeting was to discuss this years Victoria Skimboards WCS and the future of the event. To read the article, click here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Westbound Boarder Blog post

Recently Trigg met up with Andrea Nowack, the Los Angeles Editor for Westbound Boarder (a blog dedicated to sports for Women) to give a little skim instruction. A copy of her write up of the experience can be viewed by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 14th of July

Joyeux 14 Juillet!!!
Fete national en France aujourd'hui!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

OBX Skim Jam 2009

Contest Site

Nice weather, some little waves fun to ride, first round of Pros started at 9am.

Ams are going right now.

In Pros, vic riders: Bill Bryan, Michael Brickle, Morgan just, Brandon Rothe and I are still in for quarter finals tomorrow . Teddy Vlasis skimmed really good but ended 3rd in his first heat.

Teddy Vlasis throwing a nice backside air in free session

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Future of the Victoria WCS contest

As you may or may not have read on the Victoria Skimboards website, the County of Orange is attempting to put some heavy restrictions on the WCS. For additional information CLICK HERE. Our goal is to run the contest when it is best for the skimboarders and to make it an all around fun event for everyone. Help us battle what could be the end of the Victoria WCS by signing our petition when it is ready.

The petition will be available soon so keep checking back. Thanks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Early Season Teaser

Peep the new flic from 360 To Nowhere...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rasta Taco!!! Party time at vic!!!

Getting some tacos for lunch and off to the beach!!! yayyyy :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all of those in Canada. Do not party too hard!

For those that do not know, today in Canada is the same as July 4th (Independence Day) in the United States. Time to celebrate!