Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Lookign through some pics from my trip to Peru this spring and found the one wave pic I took in Mancora at 5 30am.

Meeting with the County of Orange

This morning, Tex and Trigg met up with officials for the County of Orange at Aliso Beach to discuss the future of the Victoria Skimboards WCS. The future of the contest was of major concern for everyone in the office after developments over the last few years but today that was laid to rest.

County officials have said that from the top down, they all want the Victoria Skimboards WCS on Aliso Beach. After further discussion we are pleased to announce that we will be working with the county very closely to make sure that the event is a success for everyone involved.

Get ready for the Victoria Skimboards WCS 2010 on June 19th & 20th.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Morgan Just in France

Here are some links to a few pictures from of Victoria Skimboards team rider Morgan Just in France using the Grinch set up. Check it out!

Image #1
Image #2
Image #3
Image #4

Fall Friday

Finally the crowds are gone, black ball is done, water is warm and we are not at work. The office decided to take a little break today and hit up some waves before getting back to the never ending task of building and selling boards.
Kyle not in retail.
Tex not afraid to gouge one.
Trigg managing a shoulder body surf style.
Ryan enjoying some of his last days at the beach.
Muchu getting excited about the sun finally starting to break though.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend swell

Both coasts got hit with some swell this weekend. Hope everyone was able to get on it. Brickle enjoying some bowls out East.

Bill Bryan wins in Santa Cruz

Bill Bryan during the finals

The swell was there in Santa Cruz, a little bit too big for 26th Avenue, where the contest was, but there were definitely some good ones to work with in between sets. A lot of Pros and Ams showed up and competed in a spectacular skim contest. Congratulations to Beaker winning the UST event #7.

Bill Bryan backside air (finals)

Morgan Just also made it to the finals and takes a good 4th place.

Morgan backside wrap during semi final

Next and last UST event will be held in Newport Beach, Balboa Pier, October 17th and 18th

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pro Surfer Jaime O'Brien on his Victoria Skimboard

Professional Surfer Jaime O'Brien found a little down time in the first ever Red Bull Rivals at Sandy Beach to throw down with his skimboard. For information on the article found on Surfline, click here.

Go to picture #15 & #16 of the set.

Zero Trash

This Saturday the ZeroTrashLaguna group set up a tent on the street in front of the Victoria Laguna Canyon shop and proceeded to collect trash from up and down the Canyon Road. The Red Shirted zealots mantra is zero trash on the beach or the streets leading to the beach. Here in lies the genius of the concept. Beach cleanups are quickly over, the beach is over cleaned by too many volunteers, and then they all go home strangers. Yeah! Good, but momentum is lacking in these endeavors.

Equally clever is to have the cleanups EVERY first Saturday of the month. What's so impressive about this plan is that it unites neighbors on each street Now we have the forming of a critical mass. It grows. I have met several families and kids on Oak St. who are into picking up trash. In a world where neighbors usually never meet, this is a really cool thing.
Visitors to the neighborhood see the red shirts, the bags and the camaraderie and want to do their own street.

Now they are adding Laguna Canyon Road to the already long list of adopted beaches and streets in Laguna. 60,000 people a day move on that road. The exposure for this simple, brilliant, movement is huge. It grows. Get a Can Catcher from Pikes Peak Industries Inc. Just google it. I like it for it's durable metal and wood pick up fingers. You can pick up a dime, and it makes picking up trash fun.

Contact Chip McDermott at Zero Trash to start a group in your hood this fall. There are others like us out there. Mark your calendar. First Sat. each month. Rendevous at Cress St. Just pick it up! It grows.


Labor Day is gone.....

With the Labor Day in the bank and the kids back at school it means summer is winding down. The end of summer does not signify the end of production for Victoria Skimboards. We are busily producing boards for our distributors and gearing up the team for the final two contests of the UST season.

Check the website for updates and go to the Victoria Skimboards Online Store for some last minute deals.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dylan from Florida came to the shop today, and had the surprise to meet Morgan Just...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009